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Kneading Spa Massagers for the
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U.S. Patented and Foreign Patents Pending

Robussage Spa Massager  


A new dimension in hydrotherapy: Robussage is the only non-electric true water massager uniquely designed for a portable hot tub. Traditional water jets only deliver water pressure, the Robussage provides direct massaging contact: 3 rotating balls act like rotating knuckles to gently but firmly rub down those tired and overworked muscles; Robussage helps loosen up the knots and relieve tension. Robussage may be installed to provide an invigorating work out for the tight lower back, the stiff shoulder blades, and the overworked base of the neck with no water splashing over the spa.

Enjoy the benefits of this invigorating water massage in the comfort of a Regal Spa while soaking in hot water. Hydrotherapy, or warm water massage in a portable spa has many health benefits, reduces stress and increases blood circulation.

Robussage has been designed with the spa and hot tub user in mind: the massaging mechanism is removable from within the spa for easy service if needed.


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